Independent Health and Safety Audits

FM Partnership are unique in that we will independently audit your hospitality premises to ensure you comply to the latest health and safety guidelines and we will then award you a certificate to display, so that you can prove your compliance level to your customers, staff and visitors.

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FM Partnership provide Hospitality industry experts to perform our unique, specially compiled, Independent Health and Safety Audits on your hospitality premises and business processes – ensuring that you are compliant to the latest energy, environmental and health and safety guidelines.

Our trained Hospitality experts focus on what is right for your business and through our Independent Health and Safety Audits we will work with you to highlight and rectify any issues – ensuring you have peace of mind over all areas of compliance. This means that a visit from Environmental Health officers, Fire Enforcement Officers or Health and Safety inspectors does not need to be worrying or stressful.

Through FM Partnerships systematic appraisal of your on-site procedures and processes, our bespoke Independent Health and Safety Audits will find any specific areas in which improvements need to be made for the benefit of your business, your customers, staff and visitors and help you to comply with your legal duties.

You will be provided with a comprehensive report including any areas of improvement / non-compliance. If required, our experienced team can work alongside your contractors to make sure any issues are corrected to the right standard and we will issue you with a compliance certificate to display within your premises to give customers added peace of mind. Being certified has proved to reduce risk and therefore reduce insurance costs.

We work across all areas of the hospitality industry including Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Clubs and Bars, Health and Leisure Centres, Care Homes, Cinemas, Concert Venues, Leisure complexes and Exhibition Venues.

Meets standard badge

Establishments that meet the required health and safety standard / expectations and show they are doing everything required by law, HSE and local enforcement bodies

Passes standard badge

Establishments that pass the required standards / expectations and show that they are doing more than the minimum, but still have room for improvement and some areas need attention

Exceeds standard badge

Establishments that exceed the required standards / expectations and show they are meeting the highest standards and doing everything possible to make their property safe at all times

“We appreciate all businesses and premises are different – that is why everything we do through our Independent Health and Safety Audits are tailored to you – ensuring the best results for your business”

“We are completely independent and will only ever advise both realistic and effective actions that will benefit your customers, your businesses and your staff’s working environment, health and well-being”

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