All the time? Too many times perhaps?

When it comes to health and safety is there such a thing as “it’s black and white”?

If something goes wrong and there is an investigation, or worse! … you are in a courtroom facing a judge and jury…do you think they will accept “it’s a grey area” when you are asked to explain how something happened or why something was or wasn’t done?

FM Partnership do not believe in black and white, or grey areas when it comes to auditing and health and safety. We have the attitude things are done or not done, right or wrong, completed or not completed. When it comes to your safety are you going to accept “that’s a grey area”?

That is how we complete our audits and that is how we conduct ourselves.

So when you inquire into the health and safety compliance and obligations of a venue, are you going to accept “it’s a grey area” or will you keep it simple and transparent “right or wrong, done or not done”? Have they done what needs to be done? Have they been audited thoroughly and properly?

Whether you enlist the services of FM Partnership or someone else, do not accept anything less than right or wrong, transparency and simplicity.

Be bold. Ask arenas, exhibition centres, hotels, venues, and other places you stay at, do business with or use for conferences and exhibitions for their audit results. See if they are willing to be transparent or if they try to explain “it’s not black and white…it’s a grey area”. It is not black and white. It is not a grey area. It is your health and safety and it is the health and safety of your delegates, your employees, friends and family.

Very simple…right or wrong, done or not done. Not black and white. Certainly NOT a grey area.

Stay safe everyone