How many would still have somewhere to live or be in their jobs after making the declaration? How many would be comfortable letting their families stay at their property?

How many managers and owners believe their property is compliant based solely on the existence of paperwork, spreadsheets and “fancy safety apps”, rather than the content within them?

How many claim to be transparent and how many would be strong enough to deal with the transparency… bearing “warts and all”?

Most of all, how many hotels would be able to rise to the challenge of these questions? How many would let you see their audit results, their RAMS (risk assessments and method statements), their corrective actions?

What is also important is that I want you to ask. How do you know where you are staying, having your conference, having a meeting and sending your family is safe?

Ask them to PROVE IT.

At FM-Partnership our goal is to make the hospitality and leisure industry safer and more transparent. Making the compliant hotels proud and visible and easing the concerns of the people using hotels.

Our auditors have worked in the industry and understand the industry. We encourage our clients to be transparent, we are here to reduce the risks and provide peace of mind. We don’t believe in “fancy apps”, reams of paperwork and endless “tick box exercises”. We believe in keeping it simple and transparent.

Ask the hotel if they have had an FM-Partnership audit, if so what was the outcome? If they haven’t, ask them for the last audit results. What have you got to lose, what have they got to hide?

Take care and be safe.