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It’s your Safety! Ask for PROOF

How many hotel owners, hotel managers and chief engineers/maintenance managers believe... no, Know that their compliance levels are acceptable? Or even almost acceptable? How many hotel owners, hotel managers and maintenance managers would release their...

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Health & Safety: NOT a case of Black & White

How many times in business have you heard "It's black and white" or "that's a grey area"? All the time? Too many times perhaps? When it comes to health and safety is there such a thing as "it's black and white"? If something goes wrong and there is an investigation,...

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It’s the little things

The picture isn't from Hollywood or from photoshop or from a magazine. It is taken from my mobile phone. Before I continue no-one was hurt and the incident was dealt with safely and by trained professionals. However, how did this happen? Quite simply... it was the...

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