Certification Scheme

FM Partnership provide a unique service in providing a certificate that can be used to PROVE to your clients and customers that your businesses achieves the required level of health and safety. The certificate can be displayed on the premises to show customers your commitment to health and safety and to differentiate you from your competitors.

It can also be used as evidence when an audit is required for corporate bookings, and can be used to reduce your insurance costs. FM Partnership’s unique certification scheme is based on 3 levels:

Meets Standard Badge

Establishments that meet the required standard / expectations and show they are doing everything required by law, HSE and local enforcement bodies

Passes Standard Badge

Establishments that pass the required standards / expectations and show that they are doing more than the minimum, but still have room for improvement and some areas need attention

Exceeds Standard Badge

Establishments that exceed the required standards / expectations and show they are meeting the highest standards and doing everything possible to make their property safe at all times

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For YEARS we have been tying to get the #hospitality #leisure to advertise how #safe they are before #Covid_19 How do you the #public #businessowner #businesses #know a venue is #compliant has #safety1st above profit? Simple ask for #transparency see the #audit #results