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Energy Audits

An Energy Audit is an assessment of the energy needs and efficiency of your building. FM Partnerships Energy Audits are conducted by our team of qualified and accredited energy surveyors. Every building is different, and each contains different opportunities to save on energy usage. This is why all our Energy Audits are bespoke to you.

The goal of our Energy Audit is to lower your operating costs without sacrificing any comfort. You will learn how your facility is using energy and where waste is occurring, as well as how to implement energy-efficiency improvements.

An Energy Audit is the first step in identifying opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint and will include a review of all your building systems – lighting, air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems, controls, cooling, hot water, refrigeration, air compressors, water consuming equipment as well as the roof and the exterior of your building.

Up to 20 percent of energy consumed in commercial buildings is wasted, and a recent survey among hoteliers indicates that 75% of buildings are operating incorrectly, have inappropriate operating or maintenance contracts and waste money through inefficient energy usage.

An FM Partnership Energy Audit includes an examination of:


Building fabrication


Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning




Water usage




All electrical systems, including any plant and machinery


Any monitoring systems

On completion of your energy audit, we can help you implement efficiencies and recommend solutions. We work with various providers and can support implementation from LED lighting through to renewable energy solutions. We have experience with installing solar panels and biomass boilers. Our partners also have access to energy funding through grants and tariffs to offset the up-front costs of installation.
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Why Choose FM Partnership?

All of our consultants are highly qualified, and have a wealth of experience within the hospitality industry

Our consultants have been selected for their practical and approachable manner

Our consultants are available all around the UK

We always ensure that the advice and documentation we offer is both legally-compliant and practical

We can assist you with supplier/contractor questionnaires and documents

Our Promises to you:

To provide consultancy solutions that are bespoke to your specific needs

To offer professional, practical advice in a prompt and efficient manner

To always inform our clients of any costs before a working partnership is established

To work with you to highlight and rectify any issues that we may find

To provide peace of mind that the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to manage your businesses Health and Safety will be at your disposal for any questions you may have

We promise that we will not:

Provide a “one-size fits all” solution that does not directly relate to your business

Adjust our charges based on staff numbers or turnover – our fees are for the time involved

Make unrealistic promises – if for some reason we can’t provide the most appropriate service to your business, we will do our best to find someone who can

Shy away from asking the necessary questions and demanding to see proof to ensure your businesses compliance

Get in touch

If you would like to find out more about our Energy Audits, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our friendly team members. Alternatively, we will be more than happy to pay you a visit and talk to you about your specific requirements at no-obligation.


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