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Health and Safety Audits
Health and safety in any public building or business premises is an extremely important consideration for any business owner and employer. Ensuring that your customers, staff and visitors remain safe in your building is vital, as well as protecting yourself from potentially damaging claims.
FM Partnerships Health and Safety Audit is a methodical, independent and documented assessment of your business’ system and processes, in which it is measured against regulated criteria to make sure health and safety standards are being upheld. It is essential your organisation has a management system in place to ensure safety processes are maintained.
FM Partnerships Health and Safety Audit will look to assess the following factors:

The strengths and weaknesses of your current system


How your system performs within the aims of the business


If you are fulfilling your legal obligations


If a proper performance reviewing system is in place

FM Partnerships Health and Safety Audit will help to:

Reduce the risk of personal traumas or injury


Prevent material loss from a business


Promote employee morale


Ensure customer confidence

The main benefit of an FM Partnership Health and Safety Audit is to identify problems. If there are problems lurking behind the scenes, this can lead to accidents and other negative consequences for your business. The sooner problems are identified and addressed, the better prepared your business will be for assisting your customers, staff and visitors.

If you are bidding for clients, looking to host large events, or looking into new business, you will find that the majority of companies expect you to have proper health and safety procedures in place. Having positive public relations on the back of this will ultimately benefit your business goals.

An FM Partnership Health and Safety Audit provides a calculated analysis of procedures and provides fact-based changes to be implemented. This will save you from wasting money on what may be little more than second guessing requirements.

FM Partnership has years of experience in all areas of health and safety in the hospitality industry, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind when putting your business in our hands. Any health or safety failure which leads to a customer, employee or on-site contractor sustaining an injury is likely to result in a claim for compensation being made against the company, something which has the potential to be devastating for the success of your business.

Fire Safety Audit

FM Partnerships Health and Safety Audits include a full Fire Safety Audit.

A fire safety audit is an examination of your premises and relevant documents, to ascertain how the premises are being managed with regards to fire safety. Our qualified consultants will carry out a systematic and thorough appraisal of all potential fire risks involving personnel, premises, services & operation methods. We will also assist with the review your procedures and documentation.

We will evaluate the suitability and location of your extinguishers in comparison to nearby hazards as well as the adequacy of the fire detection and alarm system with respect to relevant standards, positioning of the detectors with respect to ventilation system, beam depth, obstructions, etc.

FM Partnerships consultants may also wish to talk to members of staff to confirm their level of fire safety awareness and to help identify any key areas for training.

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Why Choose FM Partnership?
All of our consultants are highly qualified, and have a wealth of experience within the hospitality industry
Our consultants have been selected for their practical and approachable manner
Our consultants are available all around the UK
We always ensure that the advice and documentation we offer is both legally-compliant and practical
We can assist you with supplier/contractor questionnaires and documents
Our Promises to you:
To provide consultancy solutions that are bespoke to your specific needs
To offer professional, practical advice in a prompt and efficient manner
To always inform our clients of any costs before a working partnership is established
To work with you to highlight and rectify any issues that we may find
To provide peace of mind that the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to manage your businesses Health and Safety will be at your disposal for any questions you may have
We promise that we will not:
Provide a “one-size fits all” solution that does not directly relate to your business
Adjust our charges based on staff numbers or turnover – our fees are for the time involved
Make unrealistic promises – if for some reason we can’t provide the most appropriate service to your business, we will do our best to find someone who can
Shy away from asking the necessary questions and demanding to see proof to ensure your businesses compliance

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If you would like to find out more about our Health and Safety Audits, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our friendly team members. Alternatively, we will be more than happy to pay you a visit and talk to you about your specific requirements at no-obligation.


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